After my travels and working as a fitness instructor in Spain and Crete I was so inspired to found dance & fitness classes in English, especially for foreigners, because I used to be one and it was so difficult for me to find any kind of classes in English abroad. So here I am!
I dance since I was 5 years old, when my parents took me for the first time to ballet basics class, followed by classes of folk, tap dance and street dance.
Tap dance is my passion. I always had a crazy feet and it seems they found their rhythm and logic in messy movements.
When I was 15 years old, I’ve got opportunity to create choreographies for Czech and world Tap dance championships. So great! And when I turned 18, thanks to my admiration, I’ve got my first Tap dance course in NO FEET studio under mentorship of Martina Konečná and Adéla Pešková.
So far, I’ve become Czech Tap dance champion and I’ve got to finals of World Championships in Germany.
Yoga was a treatment, which my body needed after hard trainings and hours and hours in training rooms. I fell in love with power yoga and then my journey started.
In 2015 I left to Spain, another year to Crete and I came back as a new person with big dream…soon I’ve started to work on it.
Cooperating with, ISC MUNI, Mimsa, ISC VUT, AT&T etc. I am trying to provide the best classes of dance and fitness in English for all foreigners I admire so much, because they steped out of their comfort zone, change country & change their lives.